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You'll find the Baby Names Meanings for Girls below.

These are some of our favorite baby names along with their origins and meanings.

Baby Names Meanings for Girls

Name Gender Origin Meaning
Aba girl African Girl Born On A Thursday
Abey girl Native American Leaf
Abigail girl Hebrew Father Of Joy
Abina girl Southern Ghana Girl Born On A Tuesday
Abiona girl Yoruba Born On A Journey
Abira girl Hebrew Strong
Acacia girl Greek Thorny, Naive
Acanit girl Ugandan Hard Times
Acantha girl Greek Thorny
Accalia girl Latin Foster Mother Of Romulus And Remus
Acelin girl Teutonic Noble
Achen girl Ugandan A Twin
Ada girl Teutonic Happy
Adalia girl German Noble One
Adamina girl Hebrew Daughter Of The Earth
Adara girl Arabic Virgin
Adara girl Greek Beauty
Adelaide girl German Noble, Of Kind Spirit
Adele girl German Noble
Adeline girl Old German Noble Quality
Adena girl Hebrew Sensual
Aderes girl Hebrew One Who Protects
Adesina girl Yoruba The Way Is Opened For More
Adie girl Hebrew Ornament
Aditi girl Hindi Free And Unbounded
Adiva girl Arabic Pleasant, Gentle
Adoncia girl Spanish Sweet
Adonia girl Greek Beautiful
Adora girl French Beloved
Adrienne girl French Dark One
Afina girl Romanian Blueberry
Afrika girl Celtic Pleasant
Agate girl Greek Kind
Agatha girl Greek Good
Agnes girl Greek Chaste
Ahava girl Hebrew Name Of A River
Ahimsa girl Hindi Nonviolent Virtue
Aida girl Arabic Reward
Aida girl French Help
Aiko girl Japanese Little Love, Beloved
Aila girl Finnish Light Bearer
Aileen girl Irish Light
Ailsa girl Hebrew Consecrated To God
Aimee girl French Loved One
Ain girl Arabic Precious Or Eye
Aina girl Yoruba Complicated Delivery
Aine girl Celtic Joy
Ainhoa girl Basque Reference To Virgin Mary
Ainsley girl Gaelic Ones Own Meadow
Aintzane girl Basque Glorious
Airlia girl Greek Ethereal
Aisling girl Irish Vision, Dream
Aislinn girl Gaelic Inspiration
Aithne girl Celtic Little Fire
Aiyana girl Native American Eternal Bloom
Akako girl Japanese Red
Akanke girl Nigerian To Know Her Is To Love Her
Akasma girl Turkish White Climbing Rose
Akela girl Hawaiian Noble
Akilah girl Arabic Intelligent, Logical
Akili girl Tanzanian Wisdom
Akilina girl Latin Eagle
Akina girl Japanese Spring Flower
Akiva girl Hebrew Protect
Alake girl Yoruba One Petted
Alala girl Greek War Goddess
Alana girl Hawaiian Offering
Alani girl Hawaiian Orange Tree
Alanna girl Gaelic Fair
Alaqua girl Native American Sweet Gum Tree
Alavda girl French Lark
Alazne girl Basque Miracle
Albinka girl Latin Blond
Alcina girl Greek Strong-minded
Aldea girl Teutonic Rich
Aldercy girl Old English A Chief
Aleka girl Greek Helper And Defender Of Mankind
Alethea girl Greek Truth
Alexandria girl Greek Helper And Defender Of Mankind
Alexandrina girl Greek Helper And Defender Of Mankind
Alexis girl Greek Helper And Defender Of Mankind
Alia girl Arabic Loftiness
Alice girl Old English Noble
Alida girl Greek From The City Of Fine Vestments
Alida girl Latin Small Winged One
Alike girl Nigerian Girl Who Drives Out Beautiful Women
Alima girl Arabic Wise
Alina girl Polish Bright, Beautiful
Alison girl Old German Noble, Kind
Alita girl Spanish Noble
Alix girl Teutonic Noble
Aliz girl Hungarian Kind
Aliza girl Hebrew Joyous
Allegra girl Latin Joyful, Merry
Alodie girl Anglo-Saxon Wealthy
Aloysia girl Teutonic Famous In War
Altair girl Arabic Bird
Althea girl Greek Wholesome
Alula girl Latin Winged One
Alumit girl Israeli Secret
Alvita girl Latin Anointed
Alysa girl Greek Princess
Alyssa girl Greek Logical
Alzena girl Arabic The Woman
Amabel girl Latin Lovable
Amadi girl Nigerian General Rejoicing
Amadika girl Southern Rhodesian Beloved
Amadis girl Latin Love Of God
Amaia girl Basque End
Amalia girl Latin Industrious
Amanda girl Latin Worthy Of Love
Amandine girl Latin Beloved
Amara girl Esperanto Bitter
Amara girl German Steadfast Or Immortal
Amarande girl Greek Immortal
Amarante girl French Flower Name
Amaris girl English Child Of The Moon
Amata girl Spanish Beloved
Ambar girl Hindi Sky
Amber girl Arabic Reddish Yellow Precious Jewel
Ambika girl Hindi Goddess Of Destruction
Amdis girl Latin Immortal
Ameerah girl Arabic Princess
Amelia girl Latin Industrious
Amethyst girl Greek A Precious Stone
Amina girl Muslim Peace, Security
Aminta girl Latin Protectress
Amissa girl Hebrew Friend
Amity girl Latin Friendship
Amoke girl Yoruba To Pet Her
Amy girl Latin Beloved
An girl Chinese Peace
Anastasia girl Greek Resurrection
Ancelin girl Latin Handmaiden
Andras girl Norwegian Breath
Andreana girl Latin Womanly
Andromeda girl Greek Beautiful Maiden Rescued By Peruses
Anemone girl Greek Windflower
Anezka girl Czechoslovakian Pure
Angela girl Greek Heavenly Messenger
Angelica girl Latin Angelic
Angeni girl Native American Spirit Angel
Anica girl Spanish Graceful
Anieli girl Greek Manly
Anisa girl Arabic Friendly
Anke girl Hebrew Grace
Anne girl Hebrew Grace
Annikka girl Swedish Grace
Annora girl Latin Honor
Anoush girl Armenian Sweet
Anteia girl Greek Wife Of Sea God Proteus
Anthea girl Greek Lady Of Flowers
Antje girl German Grace
Antonia girl Latin Beyond Price
Aolani girl Hawaiian Heavenly Cloud
Apara girl Yoruba One Who Comes And Goes
Apirka girl Gaelic Pleasant
Apolline girl Greek Sunshine, Warmth And Strength
Aponi girl Native American Butterfly
April girl Latin Opening
Aquene girl Native American Peace
Araceli girl Latin Alter Of Heaven
Araminta girl Hebrew Lofty
Araxie girl Armenian River Said To Inspire Poetic Expression
Arcadia girl Spanish Adventurous
Ardelia girl Latin Zealous
Arden girl Old English Eagle Valley
Ardis girl Latin Fervent
Arella girl Hebrew Angel Messenger
Aretha girl Greek Best
Aretina girl Greek Virtuous
Ariadne girl Greek Very Holy One
Ariana girl Greek Very Holy One
Aricia girl Greek Princess Of The Royal Blood Of Athens
Ariel girl Hebrew Lion Of God
Ariene girl Welsh Silvery
Arista girl Latin Harvest
Arlene girl Irish A Pledge
Armina girl Latin Of A High Degree
Artemisia girl Greek Belonging To Artemis
Arziki girl African Hausa Prosperity
Asenka girl Hebrew Graceful
Asha girl African Life
Ashlan girl English From The Ash Tree Meadow
Ashley girl English Ash Tree Meadow
Asia girl Greek East
Asisa girl Hebrew Ripe
Aspasia girl Greek Welcomed
Asta girl Greek Star
Astera girl Israeli Flower Name
Astra girl Greek Like A Star
Astrea girl Greek Goddess Of Justice
Astrid girl Armenian Star
Atara girl Hebrew A Crown
Athalia girl Hebrew The Lord Is Mighty
Athena girl Greek Goddess Of Wisdom
Atifa girl Arabic Affection
Aubrey girl Old French Elf Ruler
Audny girl Norwegian New Prosperity
Audrey girl Old English Noble Strength
Audun girl Norwegian Deserted
Aure girl Greek Breeze, Soft Air
Aurilia girl Latin Golden
Aurkene girl Basque Presentation
Autumn girl Latin Autumn
Ava girl German A Bird
Avasa girl Hindi Independent
Avena girl English Oats
Ayame girl Japanese Iris
Ayasha girl Muslim Muhammad's Wife
Ayiana girl Native American Eternal Bloom
Ayisha girl Arabic Living
Ayita girl Native American Worker
Ayla girl Hebrew Oak Tree
Azalea girl Latin Dry Earth
Azalia girl Hebrew Spared By Jehovah
Aziza girl Swahili Precious
Azize girl Turkish Precious
Azura girl English Clear Blue Sky
Bacia girl Ugandan Family Deaths Ruined The Home
Baka girl Hindi Crane
Bambi girl Italian Child
Banan girl Arabic Fingertips
Bara girl Hebrew To Choose
Barakah girl Arabic White One
Barbara girl Greek Foreign, Strange
Barika girl Swahili Bloom
Basha girl Greek The Stranger
Basimah girl Arabic Smiling
Batya girl Hebrew Daughter Of God
Bayo girl Nigerian To Find Joy
Beatrice girl Latin Bringer Of Joy
Bedelia girl French Strength
Bel girl Hindi Sacred Wood Apple Tree
Belinda girl Italian Beautiful
Bella girl Czechoslovakian White
Bellanca girl Greek Stronghold
Belle girl French Beautiful One
Bente girl Latin Blessing
Berit girl Old German Bright, Glorious
Beta girl Czechoslovakian Dedicated To God
Beth girl Hebrew House Of God
Bethany girl Arabic House Of Poverty
Beverly girl Anglo-Saxon Beaver Meadow
Bevin girl Irish Lady With A Sweet Song
Bian girl Vietnamese Secretive, Hidden
Bianca girl Italian White
Billie girl Old English Resolute
Bina girl Hebrew Intelligence
Binti girl Swahili Daughter
Birdie girl English Bird Like
Birget girl Norwegian Protecting
Birkita girl Celtic Strength
Bixenta girl Basque Victorious
Blanda girl Teutonic Dazzling
Blenda girl Teutonic Dazzling
Bliss girl Anglo-Saxon Joy
Bly girl Native American High, Tall
Blythe girl Old English Joyous
Bo girl Chinese Precious
Bohdana girl Russian From God
Bonamy girl French Good Friend
Bonita girl Spanish Pretty
Bonnie girl Latin Sweet And Good
Borgny girl Norwegian Help Or New
Brandy girl Dutch Brandy Drink
Brenda girl German Sword Blade
Brenna girl Celtic Raven Maid, Dark Haired
Bretta girl Irish From Britain
Briana girl Celtic Strong
Bridget girl Irish Resolute Strength
Brie girl French Region In France
Brier girl French Heather
Brietta girl Celtic Strong
Brina girl Celtic Protector
Briony girl Latin Plant Name
Brites girl Celtic Strength
Britta girl Celtic Strength
Brittany girl Latin From Britain
Bronwyn girl Welsh Dark Hair
Brooke girl Old English Stream
Brynn girl Norwegian Coat
Brynn girl Welsh Hill
Cadence girl Anglo-Saxon Bear
Cai girl Latin Melodious
Caimile girl Vietnamese Female
Caitlin girl African Name From A Proverb
Caitrin girl Irish Pure
Cala girl Irish Pure
Calandia girl Arabic Castle
Calandra girl Greek Lark
Calantha girl Greek Lark
Caledonia girl Greek Beautiful Blossoms
Caley girl Latin From Scotland
Calida girl Gaelic Slender
Calista girl Latin Ardent
Callan girl Greek Most Beautiful
Callia girl German Chatter
Callidora girl Greek Beautiful
Calliope girl Greek Gift Of Beauty
Caltha girl Greek Beautiful Voice
Calypso girl Latin Yellow Flower
Cam girl Greek Concealer
Camelai girl Vietnamese Sweet Orange Fruit
Camilla girl Latin Flower Name
Canace girl Latin Attendant
Candace girl Greek Child Of The Wind
Candida girl Latin Glowing, Luminescent
Candra girl Latin White, Pure
Cantara girl Latin Glowing, Luminescent
Caoimhe girl Arabic Small Bridge
Capri girl Irish Gentleness, Beauty, Grace
Caprice girl Anglo-Saxon The Goat
Cara girl Italian Fanciful, Unpredictable
Cara girl Latin Dear
Caradoc girl Vietnamese Diamond
Caresse girl Welsh Amiable
Carine girl French Beloved
Carissa girl Armenian Friend
Carita girl Greek Loving
Carla girl Latin Beloved One
Carlen girl Teutonic One Who Is Strong
Carling girl Teutonic Woman
Carly girl Old English Hill Where Old Women Or Witches Gather
Carma girl Latin Little, Womanly
Carmel girl Sanskrit Fate, Destiny
Carmen girl Hebrew God's Vineyard
Carna girl Latin Song
Carnelian girl Arabic Horn
Carol girl Latin Red Gem
Caron girl Old German Manly
Casey girl French Pure
Casilda girl Gaelic Brave
Cassandra girl Latin Of The Home
Cassia girl Greek Prophetess
Cassiel girl Greek Champion
Casta girl Latin Angel Of Saturday Or The Earthly Mother
Castalia girl Greek Purity
Catalin girl Greek Wife Of King Delphos
Catava girl Basque Pure
Caterina girl African Name From A Proverb
Catherine girl Italian Pure
Catriona girl Greek Pure
Ceara girl Gaelic Pure
Cecania girl Irish Spear
Cecilia girl German Free
Celandine girl Latin Blind
Celeste girl Greek The Swallow
Cerelia girl Latin Heavenly
Chaitra girl Latin Of The Spring
Chanah girl Hindi Aries Sign
Chanda girl Hebrew Grace
Chandi girl Sanskrit Name For Goddess Devi
Chandra girl Sanskrit Name Of Goddess Sakti (Anger)
Chane girl Sanskrit Eminent, Illustrious
Chanel girl Hindi Name Of A God
Chantal girl French Canal
Charis girl French A Song
Charissa girl Greek Charity
Charity girl Greek Grace
Charlotte girl Latin Charity, Brotherly Love
Charmian girl French Petite And Feminine
Chastity girl Greek A Little Joy
Chava girl Latin Purity
Chavi girl Hebrew Life
Chaviva girl English Gypsy Daughter, Child
Chay girl Hebrew Beloved
Chaya girl Old German Man
Chelsea girl Hebrew Life
Chenoa girl Anglo-Saxon Port
Cherie girl Native American White Dove
Cherise girl French Beloved One
Chesna girl Greek Grace
Chiara girl Slavic Peaceful
Chika girl Latin Famous, Light
Chilali girl Japanese Near
Chimalis girl Native American Snowbird
Chipo girl Native American Bluebird
Chloe girl African Gift
Cho girl Greek Blooming
Christable girl Japanese Butterfly
Christine girl Latin Beautiful Christian
Chyou girl Latin Christian
Ciannait girl Chinese Autumn
Ciar girl Irish Ancient
Claire girl Irish Saint's Name
Clara girl Latin Bright
Clarinda girl Greek Bright, Clear
Claudia girl Spanish Bright, Brilliant
Clementine girl Latin Lame
Cliantha girl Latin Mild, Merciful
Clio girl Greek Flower Of Glory
Clorinda girl Greek Muse Of History - Fictional Name (From Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered)
Clover girl Anglo-Saxon Clover
Cochiti girl Spanish Forgotten
Colette girl Greek Victory Of The People
Colleen girl Gaelic Girl
Coralie girl French Maiden, Girl
Corazon girl Filipino Heart
Cordelia girl Celtic Sea Jewel
Cordelia girl Latin Heart
Cori girl Gaelic From The Hollow
Corliss girl Old English Cheerful, Generous
Cornelia girl Latin Yellowish
Courtney girl French From Courtenay
Crescent girl Old French One Who Creates
Cressida girl Greek Gold
Cybele girl Latin Name Of An Asiatic Goddess
Cynara girl Greek Thistle
Cynthia girl Greek Moon
Cyprien girl French Cypriot
Cyrene girl Greek Name Of Mythological Nymph
Cyrilla girl Latin Lordly, Proud
Cytheria girl Latin Venus
Dabria girl Latin Name Of An Angel
Dacey girl Gaelic Southerner
Dacia girl Latin From Dacia
Dacio girl French From Arcy
Dae girl Korean Greatness
Dagmar girl Danish Joy Of The Danes
Dagna girl Old German A Splendid Day
Dagny girl Norwegian Day, Brightness
Dai girl Japanese Great
Daisy girl Old English Flower Name Or Day's Eye
Dakota girl Native American Friend
Dale girl Old Norse Valley
Dalila girl African Gentle
Damalis girl Greek One Who Gentles
Damara girl Greek Gentle Girl
Damaris girl Greek Heifer
Damita girl Spanish Little Noble Lady
Dana girl Czechoslovakian God Is My Judge
Dana girl Scandinavian From Denmark
Danett girl Hebrew God Is My Judge
Dania girl Hebrew God Is My Judge
Danica girl Slavic The Morning Star
Danielle girl Hebrew God Is My Judge
Daphne girl Greek Laurel Tree
Dara girl Hebrew Compassion, Wisdom
Dara girl Persian Angel Of Rains And Rivers
Daralis girl Old English Beloved
Darby girl Gaelic Freeman
Darcy girl Gaelic Dark
Daria girl Persian Queenly
Darlene girl Anglo-Saxon Tenderly Beloved
Dasha girl Greek Gift Of God
Davine girl Hebrew The Loved
Dawn girl Old English Dawn
Daya girl Hebrew Bird
Deandra girl Latin Divine
Deborah girl Hebrew A Bee
Deianira girl Greek Wife Of Heracles
Deiene girl Basque Religious Holiday
Deirdre girl Gaelic Sorrow
Delaney girl Gaelic Descendant Of The Challenger
Delbin girl Greek Flower Name Or Dolphin
Delia girl Greek Visible From Delos
Delicia girl Latin Delightful One
Delilah girl Hebrew Delicate
Della girl Teutonic Of Nobility
Delphine girl Greek Calmness
Dembe girl Ugandan Peace
Demi girl French Half, Small
Dena girl Hebrew Vindicated
Dena girl Native American Valley
Denise girl Greek Of Dionysius
Desa girl Greek A Pledge
Desdemona girl Greek Ill-Fated One
Desiree girl Latin So Long Hoped For
Deva girl Sanskrit Divine
Devaki girl Hindi Black
Devi girl Hindi Resides In Heaven
Devin girl Gaelic Poet
Devnet girl Irish Poet
Devon girl Old English Defender
Diamanta girl French Diamond Like
Diana girl Latin Divine
Dianthe girl Greek Divine Flower
Diella girl Latin Worships God
Dillian girl Latin Worshipped One
Dilys girl Welsh Genuine
Dinah girl Hebrew Vindicated
Dionne girl Greek Divine Queen
Disa girl Norwegian Active Spirit
Dita girl Czechoslovakian Rich Gift
Dixie girl French Tenth
Dolly girl Greek Divine Gift
Donata girl Italian Gift From God
Donna girl Italian Lady
Dooriya girl English Gypsy The Sea
Dora girl Greek Gift
Doreen girl French Golden
Dorinda girl Greek Gift Of God Or Beautiful One
Doris girl Greek A Dorian Woman
Dorothy girl Greek Gift Of God
Dory girl English Golden Haired
Drew girl Greek Vision
Drina girl Spanish Helper And Defender Of Mankind
Drucilla girl Latin Strong One
Dulcinea girl Spanish Sweet
Dyani girl Native American Deer
Dymphna girl Gaelic Virgin Saint - Suitable One
Dyna girl Greek Powerful
Eartha girl Old English Of The Earth
Easter girl Old English Holiday
Ebony girl English Dark Beauty
Echo girl Greek Name Of A Nymph Repeated Voice
Edana girl Celtic Zealous, Fiery
Eden girl Hebrew Delightful
Edie girl Teutonic Rich Gift
Edith girl Teutonic Rich Gift
Edlyn girl Old English Noble Woman
Edna girl Hebrew Pleasure, Delight
Edolie girl Old English Noble
Edria girl Hebrew Mighty
Efia girl Ghanese Born On Tuesday
Eileen girl Irish Bringer Of Light
Eirene girl Greek Peace
Elaine girl Old French Light
Eleanor girl Greek Light
Elektra girl Greek Bright
Eleora girl Hebrew The Lord Is My Light
Elina girl Greek Pure
Elisa girl Spanish Dedicated To God
Eliska girl Czechoslovakian Truthful
Elissa girl Greek Queen Of Carthage
Elita girl French Special One
Elizabeth girl Hebrew God's Oath
Elle girl Old English Beautiful Fairy Woman
Elodie girl Greek White Blossom
Else girl Hebrew Consecrated To God
Elysia girl Latin Sweetly Blissful
Ema girl Polynesian Beloved
Emalia girl Latin Flirt
Ember girl Old English Smoldering Remains Of A Fire
Emelie girl German Industrious
Emily girl Teutonic Industrious
Emma girl Old German Universal
Endora girl Hebrew Fountain
Enola girl Native American Magnolia
Enye girl Yiddish Grace
Eranthe girl Greek Spring Flower
Erasma girl Greek Amiable
Erianthe girl Greek Sweet As Many Flowers
Erika girl Old Norse Ever Powerful
Erin girl Irish Peace
Erlina girl Irish Girl From Ireland
Eskarne girl Spanish Merciful
Esperanza girl Spanish Hope
Esta girl Italian From The East
Estelle girl Latin Star
Ester girl Swedish Star
Etain girl Irish Shining
Etania girl Native American Wealthy
Etsu girl Japanese Delight
Eudocia girl Greek Esteemed
Eulalia girl Greek Fair Of Speech
Eustacia girl Latin Tranquil
Evacsa girl Hebrew Life
Evadine girl Greek Mythological Character
Evadne girl Greek A Water Nymph
Evanthe girl Greek Flower
Eve girl Hebrew Life
Evelyn girl Irish Lively, Pleasant
Eyota girl Native American Greatest One
Fabienne girl Latin Bean Grower
Fainche girl Irish Name Of A Saint
Fairuza girl Turkish Turquoise
Faith girl Latin Trust, Faith
Faizah girl African Victorious
Fallon girl Irish Grandchild Of The Ruler
Fantine girl French Childlike
Farrah girl English Beautiful
Fatima girl Arabic Daughter Of Muhammad
Fatin girl Arabic Captivating
Fawne girl Old French Young Deer
Faye girl French Fairy
Fayina girl Russian Free One
Fayme girl French Held In High Esteem
Felcia girl Polish Lucky
Felicia girl Latin Happy
Felicite girl French Fortunate
Femi girl African Love Me
Feronia girl Latin Goddess Of Springs And Woods
Finola girl Irish White Shoulder
Fiona girl Celtic White, Fair
Fiorenza girl Italian Flower
Flavia girl Latin Blond
Fleta girl Old English Swift, Fleet
Florence girl Latin Blooming
Frances girl Latin From France
Freda girl German Peaceful
Freya girl Norwegian Noble Woman
Fuscienne girl Latin Black
Gabrielle girl Hebrew God Is My Strength
Gaia girl Greek Earth
Gail girl Old English Lively
Gala girl Swedish Singer
Galatea girl Greek Milk-White
Gali girl Hebrew Spring, Fountain