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Unusual Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Our lists of unusual baby names for boys and girls have been compiled from a variety of sources. We have spent considerable time searching for names that are appealing while still relatively unusual. The names have been divided by gender: one list for the boys names and another for the girls names. Both are in alphabetical order and broken down into smaller chunks to make browsing them more comfortable.

Unusual Baby Names for Boys:

Unusual Boy Names 1-100

Unusual Boy Names 101-200

Unusual Boy Names 201-300

Unusual Boy Names 301-400

Unusual Boy Names 401-500

Unusual Boy Names - the rest

Unusual Baby Names for Girls:

Unusual Girl Names 1-100

Unusual Girl Names 101-200

Unusual Girl Names 201-300

Unusual Girl Names 301-400

Unusual Girl Names 401-500

Unusual Girl Names - the rest