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The following list of Unusual Baby Names for Girls has been gathered from a variety of sources. Where possible, places of origin are provided.

Unusual Baby Names for Girls 1-100

Name Gender Origin
Aasia girl Hindu
Abhilasha girl Hindu
Acedia girl Czech
Achit girl Hindu
Addisyn girl Unknown
Adona girl Unknown
Aeryn girl Unknown
Aijah girl Unknown
Aja girl Unknown
Akanksha girl Hindu
Akriti girl Hindu
Aksana girl Russian
Akshita girl Hindu
Alankrita girl Hindu
Alesti girl Unknown
Alexavia girl Unknown
Alka girl Hindu
Allayna girl Unknown
Alpa girl Hindu
Amaya girl Unknown
Amberjill girl Old English
Ambria girl Unknown
Amisha girl Hindu
Anamika girl Hindu
Anar girl Hindu
Anaya girl Latin
Aneya girl Unknown
Anita girl Hindu
Anja girl Unknown
Anjali girl Hindu
Anjana girl Hindu
Ankita girl Hindu
Annabeth girl unknown
Annalynn girl Unknown
Anshu girl Hindu
Anu girl Hindu, Finish
Anupama girl Hindu
Anvita girl Hindu
Aparajita girl Hindu
Arda girl Armenian
Arnisha girl Unknown
Arti girl Hindu
Arushi girl Hindu
Asenette girl Hebrew
Ashamed girl Hebrew
Ashima girl Hindu
Ashrita girl Hindu
Ashton girl Unknown
Aspen girl Unknown
Audlin girl Unknown
Audora girl Unknown
Ausiana girl Unknown
Avani girl Hindu
Avantika girl Hindu
Ayelin girl Unknown
Ayme girl Unknown
Ayse girl Turkish
Ayseg├╝l girl Turkish
Ayushi girl Hindu
Azland girl Unknown
Azrael girl Unknown
Bageshwari girl Hindu
Bates girl unknown
Beccalynn girl English
Bethshaya girl English
Bhagini girl Hindu
Bharati girl Hindu
Bhavya girl Hindu
Bhayana girl Hindu
Bijal girl Hindu
Bindiya girl Hindu
Blinn girl Unknown
Boa girl Unknown
Branka girl Slowenian
Brunhilde girl Old German
Brysen girl Unknown
Cadrian girl Unknown
Cailey girl Unknown
Calendre girl Greek
Carrigan girl Gaelic
Cascadia girl Greek
Cauvery girl Hindu
Cecia girl Unknown
Celine girl Unknown
Chaitaly girl Hindu
Charu girl Hindu
Chaylen girl Unknown
Cheyenne girl Native American
Chhavvi girl Hindu
Chitrangda girl Hindu
Cirea girl Unknown
Conncetta girl Unknown
Corin girl Old English
Corinda girl Unknown
Curissa girl Unknown
Dade girl unknown
Daksha girl Hindu
Dannell girl Unknown
Darinka girl Slowenian
Deena girl Hindu