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Weird Baby Names

Weird baby names are usually bestowed on a child by a parent that feels a name that is mysterious, striking, or unusual will help to make their child a unique individual. The names are most often of a strikingly odd or unusual character and strange to the ear.

Recently, the trend towards people choosing an unusual or "weird" name has grown in popularity. Many famous people, particularly Hollywood movie stars and prominent music and entertainment personalities have, of late, chosen bizarre monikers for their kids. Again, in most cases it's an effort to define and highlight a child in an otherwise increasingly bland, cookie-cutter world.

But, before you stamp your child with a weird name, take some time to realistically consider the consequences. Names are like tattoos--once you have it--it's hard to get rid of it. And if you don't like it, you'll spend a lot of unnecessary time trying to mask or hide it. So, keep in mind, before you give your child that strange name, that you are creating an important factor of your child's identity and self-esteem.

Weird baby names run the intrinsic risk of your child being stuck with a name they hate. They can label a child's era of birth, attach them to a passing fad, or give unwanted clues to their parent's maturity or sensibility at the time they were born.

A weird name may be cute when the baby is very young, but when they grow up and decide they want to be doctor, lawyer, minister, or President of the United States, "Boom-Boom Moonbeam Schlapinski" might not be a good fit with their personal goals.

Numerous, valid studies by eminent doctors, researchers, and scientists have shown that people who have striking, or weird names, names that are considered odd by their peers or others, often experience great difficulty in establishing and maintaining normal social relationships.

Give some thought to the future. Do everything you can now to make your child's life pleasurable. Allow for their wishes, dreams, desires, and goals. Give them a name that will serve them well through all the phases of their life: baby - toddler - school child - teenager - young adults - parents - middle age - retirement and old age. Will that weird baby name that you thought was so wonderfully unique suit a grandmother as well as a teenager? Will "Grandma Aztec Star" be the way your child will like to be addressed by her grandchildren? Or will she be holding her grandchild in her lap and telling he or she the story of how she got stuck with that name and ended up changing it to "Emily" when she turned eighteen. Will she relate to her children how she was teased mercilessly through her school years because of her name? Will she be glad you gave her that name and happy she had the opportunity to grow and gain character under adversity? Will she relay to her husband the wonderful experience of constantly having to repeat, spell, and explain her name to everyone she's ever met? It's doubtful.

Give your child a good, solid name they can be proud of. Give them the opportunity to "make a name for themselves," not the other way around. Your child will thank you and you'll be glad you made the right choice.

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